ARC preamp line up

Just getting into ARC preamps and while i was hesitant to jump on an SP5, I have to admit I am thrilled about the soundstage and detail. I thought I was going to have issues with it being too analytical or bright but turns out I really like the boot it has a phono for my LP12.

I also know that the Sp5 seems to have little or no praise and is probably one of the cheaper models, but having said that, it sounds so good to me.

So my question is, what is the next step up from this model in terms of solid state and if I go to the earlier models (read below $1K) with/without the single 6922 tube do I lose anything that I like with my SP5? From my research I guess i should only be looking at the SP series for phono or do some of the LS models come with phono?

thx for your input
My amps input impedance is 47K, so thinking I should be ok.
The Sp5 output impedance is 10K and guessing by how nice it sounds I dont have any issues.

I have been looking at the ARC database but its not easy to tell which preamp trumps which previous model. Also hard to make a correlation between SP and LS they line up...which model was introduced before and after...that kind of thing.
I see an LS-3 on A'gon for $ this better than my SP5? I know it does not have phono, but for better sound I can forego phono for now.

Wish there was an overall rating of their preamp lineup based on user feedback but I guess its all subjective.
I had an LS3, but didn't compare it to other AR preamps. I did compare it to a Conrad Johnson (11?) and a Audible Illusions 3a and thought the CJ was too unfocused (bloomy) and the Audible Illusions 3a pumped dynamics beyond real. I chose the LS3, and would call it "clean" and solid. It replaced a Mark Levinson LS26, which I thought was dull and uninvolving. But it seems like the LS5 was the hot AR pre at the time...just never heard the LS5. My LS3 was going into a Classe CA300, to ML Quests. I liked the combo.
The SP-14 is a great preamp and an absolute bargain used. I have seen SP-14 preamps advertised for $1,000 on a regular basis. Caution! Do not buy a modified Audio Research preamp. I have not heard one yet that sounds as good as a properly working stock unit.

To find the Audio Research data base simply google arcdb.
Although th OP did ask for SS LS, it becamw readiky apparent the he really could not buy pure SS and wanted a Phono. It therefore surprises me that No one until me mentions the SP-6 series which are legendary. (I own a modded SP-6B of course,) but in truth never loved it. To the OP question the next incremental step up is obviously the almost SS SP-9, which was mentioned, but is a heckavalot closer than the 2 chasis "reference style" SP-11. If I were hom I would look around for other SS options that have a less severe style and richer overall sound or just man up and go tube. Lomg live the 6SN7!