ARC ref 3,5 OR Lamm LL2.1 for my ml2.1

I have been using the AYRE KXR preamp for my Lamm ML2.1 amp. I recently tried the Lamm LL2.1 tube preamp and wad floored at how much more musical my system sounds now. Pianos sounded like pianos. Voice had the mid range magic. One of those great moments where a 7k box beats a 20k box. Now that i realize synergy and tube preamp - i wanted to test the ARC Ref 3 or 5 - anyone experienced this combo and any ideas about the difference between ARC and Lamm preamps on this system?
Hello Saint519.

I am in the deep South- Alabama. Luckily, I travel the nation for work. Can you suggest a dealer/retailer?
Happy Listening.
I bought my Lamm gear on the used market. The Lamm website lists all their dealers though. I have had personal dealings with Innovative Audio of NY, another Lamm dealer. Scott Haggart came by my home to position my Sashas a few years back. He may or may not remember me. But they've got a great audio salon in the heart of NYC.
I think you'd be very happy with a Lamm preamp. I auditioned a LL2 Deluxe a number of years ago and really enjoyed it. It bested (based on my poor aural memory) a Hovland HP-100, Rogue 99 Magnum and Audio Horizon preamps. Bitten by the Lamm bug I found a used L2-Ref preamp that in the end did not work for me. I swapped tubes, did whatever I could from my end and then spent a ton of money shipping both it and its power supply back to Lamm who checked it over, updated a few things and upon its return it was the same. Maybe it was synergy think and the LL2 Deluxe was a better match with my Bryston amp - don't know but it left me with a sour taste in my mouth.

I have since owned an ARC LS-26 and then a Ref 3 and thought the Ref 3 was the best resolving, dug out the smallest of details in the music, preamp I've owned but the best bang for the buck in all my preamps was the LL2 Deluxe (now the LL2.1 I believe). I think if it had a remote, something I really need/like, it might still be in my rack - I thought it was that good.

If in fact the issues I had with the L2-Ref were synergy issues with my amp your having the Lamm amp would negate that mis-match.

Good luck with your search
Thank You! Saint519. If I find myself in the greater NYC area I will visit Innovative Audio- which model(s) of LAMM gear do you own? Happy listening.