ARC Ref. 3 - New Tubes - Need help

Hi all,
I want to change the tubes of my ARC Ref. 3 Pre amp.
Just wandering what is the correct match of the tubes for the two channels (right and left).

The board where the tubes are connected is placed vertically and the sockets are named V1, V2, V3 and V4.

(view from Back - TOP)
V1 V3

V2 V4

Are the pairs V1+V3 and V2+V4 or V1+V2 and V3+V4?
hello Elite ,

The pairs are V1 + V2 and V3 + V4
Greetings from the Netherlands Hans
I have bought Tubes from ARC for my Ref 3 and ARC marked the tubes with numbers and it was easy for me. I would suggest bying them tubes from ARC as i am very happy with the quality , even though they are little expensive.
Hello Elite , as seen in the schematics the two pairs are as I pointed out above.If you order a quad paired of the 6H30 the position of the tubes do not matter .If you order two pairs use the positions as mentioned.
Regards Hans