ARC REF 6 upgraded by ARC.

I have an ARC REF 6 I bought in 2019. I just upgraded my amp to the ARC REF 750. I now want to upgrade my REF 6. Does ARC still do this  I now I should call them to see but it’s Fri night and probably wolnt be opened til Monday. And I really would like to know before that. 

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@brunomarcs   I was thinking the same exact thing if u have to send in your 6 and wait 6 mon ? Or they put I on a waiting list and maybe 2 weeks before they get to u u send it in.  I’m think that. Also that’s a lot of amps to have for them to store until they are ready for u. And now like me that is my only pre amp. 

@noromance   well for me I will have a brand new sound anyway with the REF 750s from my Krell FPB 600. I never heard the sound of my REF 750s with my 6 until they come delivered to me. So I’m very excited about that and the 6SE. 

I don’t believe you have to send it in until they’re ready for it


 they don’t want to be storing a bunch of private gear

Congrats on your new system 🙂👍 those components are what I would consider the end of the upgrade ladder. I hope your reality is as good as my imagination. 

Basically you are in queue waiting for return authorization. Once you get that you have 30d to get unit to them and they start when received. Customer pays shipping and ARC prefers original packing. They want tubes but out of unit in original packing with the unit. No remote, manual, power cord.