ARC Ref 75 SE issues?

I'm thinking of getting this amp but on a recent thread about tube amps from January there were quite a number of posts on the reliability of arc amps. Anybody have this amp and can comment on its reliability? I was surprised.
Hi guys, i don't want to take the thread off topic but I have a question.  I did have a problem with bad jfets on the left channel and paid 900 to get it fixed. Soundwise all has been well but I now have, after working perfectly for the last year, a slightly dimmed left VU meter. Is there an adjustable pot on board to adjust this or does it need to go back for another service? 
Does ARC have service centers and dealers to help with these repairs and questions? The factory service has been getting harder to deal with the last couple of years. Local service centers would take a lot of anxiety out of purchasing new and used ARC gear. Most of the failures are fairly simple but shipping equipment off and waiting for repair to replace a resistor or cap is not much fun.
your concerns are quite rational. buying expensive tube gear with poor factory service would bug me. that said it would be a concern for any high end audio company. luxury gear should come with first class service.