ARC Ref 75se owners

I’m soon to take delivery of a one year old unit and would like to know the experiences of other owners with respect to reliability and tube life.
Simply put can you crank it without fear of a damaging jolt from a bad tube? How common has it been for these units to be sent back to ARC for some kind of repair? Please advise.
Answers will be greatly appreciated .
(((can you crank it without fear of a damaging jolt from a bad tube?)))

  Relax chances are you will be amazed with the performance so much it wont matter.
That power supply has big balls
If you need a tube just unplug the unit read off the existing numbers on side of tube call ARC and they will get you another tube and 100K and 1 Ohm resistors its pretty easy to measure if the resistors are good and if not solder in new ones, if you can solder or, grow a set and learn to, or have a friend or tech that can.
 Cheers JohnnyR

I've had no problems over 4 years, I think it is. A wonderful amp that is not going to be changed. I can't afford to anyway, now I'm retired. I have to say I don't crank up the volume, I have neighbours. As JohnnyR implies, the tubes have the reputation of taking resistors with them, when they blow. Not happened to me yet.

I can not imagine that you won't be thrilled with your purchase.

i had one on loan while my SS amp was being updated, as Mr Rutan says BALLS !
and perhaps the best midrange ever ..sweet
IF you do learn to solder buy a good iron