ARC tube amp recommendation for ProAc 1sc

Hi All,
I've been driving my ProAc 1sc's with a Bryston B60 for many years. It's a nice sounding system, however, I always planned to feed them with tubes someday. Just started doing some research and I see that many recommend ARC as the ideal match for ProAc's. From a power and price perspective, I'm thinking Classic 30, VT50, VT60 or Classic 60.

Does anyone have (or have heard) any of these pairings? Are these all good potential candidates? Or maybe there are other's I should also consider?

Your advice would be greatly appreciated.
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You cannot go wrong with the classic 60 though.
Several years ago I heard the ProAcs with an ARC CA-50 (essentially a VT-50 with input stage) and it was wonderful. If you're room is not too large, I can't see anyone not loving this combo. I recently heard what is considered the replacement for the 1sc (I can't remember the model, D series I believe) with the current ARC 60 watt integrated, it too is a great comboto try.
I drive my 1SC's and 140's with the Cayin 100. I did listen to the 140's with the ARC CA-50 a while back but did not feel it had the warmth of the Cayin 100. Note also that I se a VAS Cititation 1 as a pre amp fed directly to the 100 by passing the pre of the 100. Cayin has great sound, and is a great value.
Thanks for the responses.

On the ARC side, so far positives for Classic 60 and VT50, and now the CA50 (integrated) is also on the list, especially since a PM suggested that solid state pre-amp / tube power amp, as a general rule, is not as good a combo as the other way around. I was planning to drive the ARC tube amp with the pre-outs from my Bryston, at least to begin with. The CA50 would solve that problem.

Also appreciate the suggested alternatives to ARC. I'd previously dismissed the MC275 based on reviews that say it is more "old-style" tube sound with loose bass and limited high-end. I've been intrigued by BAT, so have to add VK55SE to my list. Don't know much about the EAR.

I've previously considered some of the new lower cost options such as the PrimaLuna Prologue 1, Cayin and Jolida's. It's good to hear that Buconero117 has positive results paring Cayin and 1sc's.

Keep the recommendations coming - at the risk of making my "short list" a bit long.