Arcam A65 worht the upgrade

Hello Audiogoner's. I am currently running my Tyler Freedom F2 monitors off of my HK AVR630 receiver(75Wx7). Would I notice a differnece if I purchased a Arcam A65 integrated to run my Tyler's? Is 40w a piece enough to get them going? I am trying to stay in the $400-500 range for an integrated. I would like it to have a phono stage so I can get my feet wet with vinyl shortly down the road. Thanks in advance.

Yes. The Arcam has a more refined top end. The HK sound tends to emphasize the lower midrange and is not os detailed as the Arcam. Can't comment on the phono stage of either.
I have just sold (and regret doing so) my Arcam 65+ - there is hardly anything - well nothing in this price range that comes close to the warmth and musicality of Arcam a65+. There are powerful 40 watts.