Arcam CD player history

I have noticed many Arcam CD players for sale lately. No, I am not asking why. I was looking for some insight on the lineage of them. I was thinking of picking one up to use primarily as a transport or a player to have around in a second system. Can anyone enlighten me as to which models might make good transports or just how all these different model numbers unfold in age and technology.

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Arcam Diva CD73....very musical.I just upgraded to a tube cd.So my beloved CD73 will be available and for sale soon to finance my other purchased.Let me know if interested.
Sorry, the 33 & 36 DACs were/are dual channel 24/192 upsampling Wolfson.

Although I vaguely remember reading that the DCS chips upsampled. I don't know to what speed and word length.

Also, the Diva's are the less costly cousins. I am not familiar with the Diva lineage.

Jim S.
Thank you Stilljd, that is the sort of info I was looking for. The FMJ lines seem to be amongst there better players, is that right? Also, it seems the players that used a version of the DCS Ring DAC seem to be strong units as well....which were those?

I could not find this kind of geneaology on the Arcam website which is why I asked this question. Again thanks to anyone who can offer info on this topic,
I believe the Alpha 9 used the ring dac and I know for sure the FMJ 23 uses it.

Shoe is right. The DCS "FIFO" DAC and "Ring" DAC are the same. It was also used in at least 1 of the DIVA players. Hopefully these links will work.

Jim S.