Arcam CD36: Any opinions?

Would anybody care to share their opinions of the Arcam cd36 cd player? How is it musically? I've read some complaints about noisy transports - how big a problem is that? How does its cd playback compare to other players you've used?

I'm considering this player, largely because it would match my AVP-700 pre/pro and dv79 dvd player (shallow, I know), the latter of which I'm currently using as a cd transport through a Bel Canto DAC2. I've had some modifications done to the DAC2 (black gate capacitors, superclock etc) with the result that I'm now not too happy with the sound (Doh!) - the bass is now just too huge and dominating for my taste.

Any views on the cd36 would be much appreciated.
I purchased a CD33 after auditioning several different CD players. I liked the 33 for it's musical voice and "analog" sound. I listen mainly to vinyl and found the 33 very pleasant to hear. The Arcam dealer then got in the 36. It required a lot of break in, not a bad thing, and did sound much better after a few hundred hours but did not seem to have the same sweetness as the 33. Though it is a fine CDP. I really would recommend listening to one and if you can a 33 to compare.
Way Way Better than the CD33 in my opinion. Almost no noice ! Truly almost Black.
The T+A Redbook CD Player called the cd1230 is Way better.