Arcam Delta 290 with weak channel

Hi- I've been trying to research this a bit, but have not come up with anything specific to this model. This integrated amplifier has been showing some weakening in the right channel the past several months. For a period, it would go away (channel would be strong) after the amp had been turned on for a while, but lately it is continuing, no matter how long the amp is on (I got in the habit of leaving the amp powered on, just not running anything through it).

I've read about caps going out, and volume control issues, but those were all in specific models, so I just wanted to see if anyone had any input on this Arcam. There is a remote control volume control that physically moves the volume knob; not sure if that has more potential for problems of this nature. I love the amp, and would love to fix it. I've taken it apart, cleaned it a bit, and switched around speaker connections, and the issue is still there.

Is the weakening the same at all volume levels ? If so it's not likley the potentiometer. If the weakening is more pronounced at certain volume levels, specifically those you most regularly use (usually the lower portion of the volume range) then the potentiometer could be failing.

I have a feeling these amps use an ALPS RK27 motor driven pot, which can be found pretty easily online, and is pretty straightforward to replace. You'll just need to get the same impedance pot as the one already in there.
I haven't noticed whether the volume difference is more significant at particular volumes or not. I'll be sure to check this weekend. Thanks for your input; I'll look into the volume pot.

So if the volume DOES weaken at all volumes, what else could it be? capacitors?
"So if the volume DOES weaken at all volumes, what else could it be? capacitors?"

At that point I'm afraid I'm out of suggestions, but with electronics connections and moving parts are the most likely points of failure.

Check if the imbalance is the same at all volumes, and on all source selector positions first.