Hi guys, I just got a new to me DV137, am hooking it up to my YAMAHA RX V1600 receiver and to my OLD CRT TV, for now. SO... best way to connect to my Yamaha ???
My thinking,
VIDEO... RGB out of ARCAM direct to TV, TV does not have HDMI connection
AUDIO... here is where I'm not sure, HDMI out of ARCAM, to YAMAHA, or, 6 cables out of ARCAM to Multi inputs on YAMAHA, movie sound is not as important to me as sterreo CD or SACD sound. I run a 5.1 system, bi-amped fronts only...
So, if any of you can help me out with some suggestions that would be great, thanks
i'd connect your video as you state above. for audio, i would connect both the hdmi to your yamaha and a set of analog cables from the arcam to the analog "cd" input on the yamaha--you would then use the dvd mode on the yamaha for dvds and cd mode for straight stereo listening. the arcam, i assume has better inboard dacs than the receiver and this arrangement will maximize sound quality and flexibility.