Arcam FMJ UDP411 control issues

Good afternoon,

has as anyone had issues with their UDP411 not playing discs?  Like, put the disc in the tray, make sure it’s centered, press the close button, tray closes, display says “loading” then “sacd” then “open”.  The tray opens, and I stare in disbelief.  Try another sacd, same results.  Try a redbook cd, sometimes the tray opens, sometimes it recognizes it as a cd, but will not play if the play button is pressed on either the player itself or the remote.  Several power up and down sequences, similar results.  Finally got it to play a sacd, just kept trying until it worked.  Similar situation with dvd discs.  Is this a firmware issue?  
Any advice is appreciated,thanks

I’ve had such bad luck with British CD players.  Two NAD players crapped out, now the Arcam.  It’s at the stereo hospital now, looks like a new laser is needed.  I’ll know better now, but I do like how those British players sound.

thanks for the support cincyjim 
dprincipato "I’ve had such bad luck with British CD players.  Two NAD players crapped out, now the Arcam."

A lot of British audio equipment is very poorly designed, specified, and built especially the cheap stuff like Arcam and NAD they are not high-end at all.
My Arcam FMJ CD23T's built like a tank, sounds great, and has never failed me in over 15+ years.  Guess I must've lucked out!;)
Update:  I just got the Arcam UDP411 back from the repair shop, and it’s still rejecting SACD discs, and red book discs that I try after it’s rejected the SACD discs. Seems if I power it up and down while trying red book cd’s, it eventually accepts it, and seems to play fine for a number of discs.  If I try another SACD, it repeats the cycle.  The repair shop’s response was “I have no answer, we tested, it was fine”.  So, I wonder about the possibility of trying a regulated power supply?  I’m afraid the repair shop won’t have a solution, they replaced the disc motor and laser assembly.  I’m going to comb through the SACD postings to see if I can decide for myself whether it’s worth looking for another SACD player, or just try to find a reliable, good quality CD player, and forget trying to have SACD capability.  This particular player has been a real boondoggle. Open to any suggestions, willing to purchase new, budget around $3000, must have reliable functionality.  The very best sounding player in the universe that rejects your discs 50% of the time doesn’t sound good to my ears!

pm me as i  may have an sacd/cd player for sale that you may be interested in.