Arcam SA30 vs Denon PMA- A110

Hi Audiogon Fam, I currently have the Arcam SA30 and want to upgrade in sound quality. I have really been keeping an eye on the Denon PMA -A110. Ive heard great things about it. I will be using the Arcam ST60 as the source for streaming and Focal Aria 936 K2 Speakers. Any input would really help me. Thanks. 


@dayglow thats what Ive heard. Another close contender is the Yamaha AS2200. I can get the Yamaha for only $500 more than the Denon. Would you say the Denon is an upgrade from the Arcam SA30? Thanks

@edwinf     Have only heard the Arcam SA 30 at Axpona last year, it was driving Monitor Audio Platinum series and IMO was not up to the task.  As for Yamaha a less vibrant speaker from ATC or Vandersteen could be a better synergistic match than with Focal.

my good friend has the arcam, which he uses with magnepan 3.7s, which are admittedly a tough load. it sounds fine but not awe-inspiring--the warm-sounding arcam definitely colors the presentation. otoh, i've heard the denon with focals (i believe electra floorstanders) and it was really jaw-dropping--crystal clear, toe-tapping and much more powerful than its specs indicate. also overbuilt to hell--the thing weighs a ton. i see the denon for 45% off at a4l and now i'm tempted. i also saw the yamaha at a big markdown but i haven't heard it.

@loomisjohnson Awesome! Thanks for sharing. A4l is were I plan on buying it too.  Im flad to hear tou liked the Denon. Audioholics gave it a rave review too. Im getting closwr to oulling the trigger in the Denon💯😁

@edwinf, you could drop a lot more money on a luxman or pass which would probably sound better than the denon, and many folks on these pages instinctively tout less mainstream brands,  but the denon is a helluva piece on its own terms. the way i see it, you'd be buying something with a  warranty from a reputable merchant that you'll probably own for a long time (+ you can always return it if you don't like it). if you do take the plunge, report back.