Arcam vs. Creek vs. Rega

I am looking for new CD player. Have narrowed to Arcam CD 72, CreekCD43mk2, or Rega Planet 2000. Have only heard Rega, would have to order the others for in home trial.Thanks for any input.
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I am trying to do the same as you are, minus the Creek, my 2 choices are the Rega or Arcam. If you don't mind, how was the sound of the Rega Planet 2000?? My dealer says he will have some in this week so hopefully by next weekend I can give one a listen
All of these units are great little CDP's - lotsa bang per buck. My local dealer sells all three. Over the past year I've noticed that he has the Creek and Arcam on carbon fiber isolation shelves. He also mentioned that the Arcam FMJ needed extra isolation from resonance’s due to its metal casing. ...Don't know if this "runs in the family" or not. Other CDP's in the store (Naim, Roksan, Myriad, Sim, Rega, Talk) sit on the plain old target equipment stands. Also, Often when I visit the shop the owner is listening to one of two systems - the Naim or the Creek (Creek pre, power & CDP with Royd speakers, QED wires/IC's & Shunyata Sidewinders). ...Maybe that says something about which he prefers?
hi- I own the new planet and am selling it (thoughI like it) because i need a front- loading player. I recently ABed an old Planet to an Arcam cd-72 and the Arcam was clearly a better player-more detail,more 3-dimensional etc.-but that was the old Planet.The Arcam is also up-gradeable.I'm curious what you decide-good luck.