Arcam vs Linn Integrated

I just picked up a apir of Linn Kans from a fellow Audiogoner. I currently have a Creek 4140 integrated (40w)and am considering changing (upgrading?) to either an Arcam A65+ or a Linn Majik (or if you have other suggestions would also be appreciated). Any opinions or comments would be greatly appreciated.
I have a pair of Kans. The Majik was designed and tuned to work with those speakers. If you don't need a tuner or CD player than the Majic is most suitable. If you want to integrate a CD player and/or tuner, go with the Linn Classik, which the identical boards as the Majik, but with the Mimik CD drive integrated and I believe the Pekin tuner module. I think the Classik is the best all around integrated bookshelf system. Though, if you're sources, for example, are a CD carousel and an IPOD, then the Majik is for you.
I've had a 4000 series Creek and a Linn Majik. I liked them both, but I think the word "change" rather than "upgrade" is apropos. I think you'd get better bang for your buck by upgrading your speaker a little bit rather than making a sideways step with the amp. I found the Majik a nicely balanced amp tonally. The Creek was a little more full in the bass however. And that's useful for the smaller Linn speakers as they tend to be a bit bass shy. I can't comment on the specific Arcam you mention, but based on Arcams I heard casually in store environments, I think the Majik would be a better mate with the Kans if you choose to change from the Creek.
If you've got is a mk. I Kans, Naim amps work better than Linn amps. ( the speaker predated Linn amp )

A Nait 3 or 3R would work but would be probably better with older Naim separates 72/140 or 250 would be lovely.
Forget the Arcam, Linn Majik is a better choice, but probably a sideways move from the Creek.

I agree Naim would be best.