architectual digest hifi setup.

How come arch digest mag never shows ht hifi setups in these wealthy homes?

Most likely, they don't have any real hi fi in their home.  At best, probably a Bose something or other/
I've noticed the same thing for many years, and can only assume that there are story designers behind it, likely women, for whom audio systems of any kind are as appealing as a garbage can in the middle of the living room. 
As we know by now, many people only see ugly in what we see as beautiful because there is no reason for them to associate audio gear with beauty as we do. I still think that it's not excusable. 
I guess the real question would be why do audiophiles spend so much time and money trying to make systems that look like they belong in Architectural Digest, when clearly Architectural Digest wants nothing to do with us?
Do they display other things with prominent and perhaps exclusive brand names?
why do you think a system has to be in the magazine?      the magazine isn’t about hi fi 

isn’t that why they have hi fi magazines ?