architectual digest hifi setup.

How come arch digest mag never shows ht hifi setups in these wealthy homes?

I work in the high-end residential design/build business.

I can tell you, it is extremely rare that one of my high end clients are also audiophiles which their system has to be considered within a design. In fact, can probably count on one hand how many I have encountered in over 35 years.

Now, do some want a sound system? Yes, some do, but in those cases most work with a dedicated HT/Sound professional and incorporate systems we would not consider ’audiophile’. And most clients think those systems are just wonderful for their needs. They are also mostly ’hidden’ with built-in equipment and in-wall/ceiling speakers. It is amazing on what some will spend on those types of systems.

Architectural Digest is in the business of showcasing high-end (sometimes ’rich and famous’) interiors and sometimes exteriors. They don’t even consider a project for any sound system. Neither do any of the architectural publications I receive. Architectural Digest isn’t really for those in the business, it is more a ’coffee table’ mag.

"As we know by now, many people only see ugly in what we see as beautiful because there is no reason for them to associate audio gear with beauty as we do. I still think that it's not excusable"

That sums it up about as well as can be said.