architectual digest hifi setup.

How come arch digest mag never shows ht hifi setups in these wealthy homes?


"As we know by now, many people only see ugly in what we see as beautiful because there is no reason for them to associate audio gear with beauty as we do. I still think that it's not excusable"

That sums it up about as well as can be said.
The only time I can recall seeing a really high-end system in AD was a pair of >$30,000 Wilson speakers jammed in a room in the worst possible placement, and the other gear was hidden away.

The decorating budgets for these multi-million dollar homes is ginormous. One would think if they had that much money, they would have a dedicated hi-fi listening room (maybe combined with home theatre, if necessary). I think they easily fall prey to audio "consultants" who recommend expensive hideaway (in wall) installations. Muzak for the rich and famous.
It is not the system of a needy for approval audiophile, that's for sure.