Archiv Productions

just finished listening to Rameau--une syphonie imaginaire. Purchased on the review via Stereophile. Drop dead one of the best (technical) symphonic/baroque recordings these tympanics have ever heard. Is this to be expected from all cds from Archiv Productions? thanks in advance, warren :)b
Thanks Wellen. I ordered Dream of the Orient on your recommendation. thanks, warren
Don't forget Archiv vinyl, I bought a number of items whwn they were issued, which are still favourites, Bach's B Minor mass in particular.
Archiv is, I believe, the early music sister company of DG. They have a number of fine artists, including many fine performances by Trevor Pinnock and the English Concert. Their recordings are generally quite clear and clean, not necessarily natural sounding (at least in the early days, when a lot of DG's multi-miking and bright highs carried over to their sister company), but always were well-done from a musical perspective. I would recommend the Pinnock/EC versions of Handel's Water Music and the Bach Brandenberg Concerti, still my favorite performances of the pieces on record.