Archive page on manufacture web site

Thanks to Audiogon, we all can buy used gears with ease. But doing research on used gear is sometimes difficult even with Audiogon's blue book service.

Shouldn't all manufactures have a link to their discontinued models which provide detail spec and model that replaces it? Afterall, they should be proud of their offering even if it was made 20 years ago.

Accuphase is by far the best I have seen, Sonic Frontiers is also excellent. How do we pressure manufactures to do this?
I like the archives myself on mfg's websites and wish more would post them...I have a funny feeling though that they would rather "hide" the old stuff that can now be purchased used and have you buy the latest and greatest which contributes more to their bottom line.
It would be difficult to do this, because this would ultimately be working against the manufactures of high end equipment themselves. I mean, think about it: There really is not much that is new in amplifier design in the last 50 years or so. Yes, materials are far better, and can be made smaller. And manufacturing techniques can create components with much greater tolerances and precision, but basic design remains pretty much the same. Yet, in order to stay in business, these manufactures must constantly give the customer a reason to purchase new. They do this by making all kinds of claimes as to the virtues of their current models, and why one needs it for audiophile sound. But anyone who knows, would realize that there is not that much difference, if any at all, between a, say a 10 year old 'High End Company A's' model and their equavalent current model: More power maybe; dirrerent styling, ect, but design, probably not. The new model, however, is 15 grand, but a model discontinued 10 years ago can be had for $2000. So it is in their best interest to appeal to those who have more money to spend then the average person, but who are at the same time not necessarilly any more knowledgeable then the average person about audio gear. These people are willing to spend it because they think they are getting the best and the latest. Yet even some of these people are not beyond paying less if they could be convinced as to what is really going on. Now If I try to inform one of these individuals, they might listen. Yet, remember, 'High End Company A's' adds are designed to appeal to them on many different levels, not least of which is the individual's ego. They tell them they need their product because they are discerning individual with impecable taste, etc, and the like. I, on the other hand, would probably tell them they are foolish, or something like that, but much worse: I get impatient real easy..oh well. So, therefore, 'H-E Company A' does'nt care what I think. After all, whom am I, and there is an article in the latest 'H-E Journal' saying: Wow imaging; sounds I never heard before; the sound stage was so real, its like the speakers were not even there; and on and on and on. You've read them, I am sure. Perhaps some of these reviewers are fustrated fiction writers. Anyway, to try to make this shorter, If the companies own web site is showing mister money bags the specs of amps that are a couple of years old, and these specs are just as good as current models, then mister money bags, who is prehaps not Bill Gates, but, lets say, a doctor or a lawyer, or an accountant or some other type of upper middle class working stiff, might start getting ideas. He might start to question the wisdom of purchasing an amp that is 5 times the cost as the companies older model, but looks pretty much the same with the same specs: So now the company is telling him he might not be so discerning after all, and he might start listening. There are always those who want the 'latest' and the 'best,' but others, to whom money does matter, though they have the means, might not be so egotistical. They could be driven to seek an alternative to this newer model, say on the used market. Ofcourse, in most cases, the company does not benifit from this. Also, most high end audio companies are small companies and operate on a low profit margine. Those that do go 'above and beyond' the call of duty, such as Accuphase, are few and far in between. Don't expect to many others to join there ranks anytime soon.