are all amps equal

I have recently gotten the Mcintosh bug, but a friend of my who does a LOT or reading on the net says power output is the answer not the name. I am looking for the best sound I can get in the 3k$ range for my Usher Be 718s. I have looked at many used Mcintosh units in the 200 watt plus output area, but my friend says a new 250 watt Emotiva would be a better value. The Emotiva is around $800.
I would like some imput.. Thanks, Don
Yes, Detlof is right about Tvad being right; "No", is the correct answer. Drubin is also right - your friend is wrong.

One could have a system which is not very revealing, or poorly chosen, where differences in amps may not be very obvious, or specific choices may not live up to their potential. It would not be worth the investment, IMO, to seek out a great amp to go with other components that severely compromise that amps performance, or do not allow it to live up to its potential. It would be like putting a 6.2l Hemi in a '71 Ford Pinto. That said, certainly your Usher speakers are very revealing, and are worthy of a good amp (with only that to go on - I'm assuming the rest of your system is of similar quality). The exception might be if you are transforming a system over time, component by component.

Everyone is right.... your friend is wrong. (That sounds somewhat odd doesn't it?)
"03-27-09: Cyclonicman
How can anyone think that they could be?"

The idea of all amps being equal can easily be understood if you read the random bantering on avsforum and other similiar sites. The majority of the folks that post over there believe that the run of the mill receiver is as good as any high-end, high-dollar amp.

After reading that site for a few years I cannot help avoiding it these days simply because of the absolutely crazy opinions there. I'm all for everyone having a right to their own opinion but as soon as someone posts that X amp sounds better than Y amp then the trolls roll in and bash the poster saying that there are no differences and that technical specifications are the only things that matter.

You should hear what they say about cd players, LOL. I for one switched from a 40 dollar dvd player to a Primare cd21 and the difference was astonishing. Most of those avsforum folks cannot fathom how a $1000+ single disc cd player can sound any different than a 40 dollar dvd player.

I rest my case.
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