Are audiophile products designed to initially impress then fatigue to make you upgrade?

If not why are many hardly using the systems they assembled, why are so many upgrading fairly new gear that’s fully working? Seems to me many are designed to impress reviewers, show-goers, short-term listeners, and on the sales floor but once in a home system, in the long run, they fatigue users fail to engage and make you feel something is missing so back you go with piles of cash.


imo ... what @ghdprentice talks about in his initial response! to the thread about noise floor and high frequency hash is particularly relevant.

I've learned from paying attention to guys like him, who have culled end all be all systems, aka: to die for, Ha ha ha ... that if those traits are what you really want your (read: my) system to reflect then there are certain steps.

The personal secret, for my particular system, was or shall I say has been that once I acquired the necessary components ... and what @ghdprentice says about how, in this world that we live in, you pretty much get what you pay for ... truth.

But once I had the right combination of components, which I consider to be Step 1, then ... the best cables you can afford OR justify spending way the f**k too much money on, ha ha ha, but also very true.

The final step is clean power ... whatever that means, given your own personal deficit, there. In my case, I live on the top floor of a high rise in an urban environment so you can imagine how trashy my signal is, coming out of the wall.

When I added my PS Audio P15, which is definitely not cheep but at the exact same time worth every single penny ... and mine came to me brand freakin new which carried a pretty price tag with it. Literally worth every single penny.

I'm not even exaggerating ... it quite literally brought everything into focus. My system, obviously, already sounded really good ... but when I added the P15 it was like it peeled away layer upon layer and refined everything in a way that was very extremely subtle but also totally striking in effect.

The reason I know I have good synergy in my particular system is because I learned quite recently that I'm able to hook up the exact same components to my other pair of super amazing bookshelf speakers and be completely blown away by how the reveal the exact same qualities in damn near all of my favorite recordings of various types of music. That's kind of like a double blind study, right?     : )

I tend to kind of look at my system like a woman, Lol ... I'm sure a lot of you other guys've learned to enjoy your favorite toys kind of in the same vein. Tell me true, what woman will please you the way your system pleases you over and over and over again, literally every single day and never give you any kind of grief?

In my experience, Italian motorcycles are the same way.   : )

But seriously, once you have the synergy of your kick ass components in place the signal needs to be able to be transmitted accurately as possible so that it can truly reveal (the effect) your components are capable of conveying ... and you can listen to the naysayers about the clean power thing if you want to, but you're always gonna be chasing the dream if it's a low noise floor and nada high frequency hash.

Have been listening to Van Morrison, Into the Music while I write this. Chills me right out. That's the effect I'm after, personally.

@steakster Talk about a cynical response. 

I'm truly not sure where you're coming from there. My impression is that he's not getting what he's after with his system.

It's interesting how this hobby we've all chosen tends to tie other aspects of our lives together ... or maybe it would be fair to say that it can reflect other things we've learned about life? I don't really know how to say it.

I'm sure a lot of you know people who seem to never be content with the things they've either acquired or achieved. Being content with what we have in life is the one that applies here. But I guess that's the way money works in general, right? It will definitely not make you happy ... and for the of you that think it does I personally feel sorry for you. And if you're not already happy by the time you get it, or don't know how to make yourself happy, that is ... the money is (insert the words: your system) will either make you a bigger j**k off than you were before you got it ... or it's gonna allow you to be able to enjoy your life more. 


Love how some audiophiles feel insulted by a discussion in an audio forum he feels all lumped in poor old sod. it's all about him. Not about voicing planned obsolesce or manufacturers trying to get attention on a filled sales floor no it's all about him feeling lumped.

Is that what we blame it on. (Fatigued). That is why I have about 6 to 10 different sets of audio systems. I do not have deep pockets but in 25 years or more I was able to aquire my share of equipment.  Every system I own it has its own distinctive sound performance.  Will I ever buy a new power amplifier or preamp  I wouldn't say never but the last 4 years I spent my money of custom subs for some of my systems.  Trying to tweak by adding a single 18 inch sub to one system and a isobaric dual 18 inch subs to another system. My speakers hf drivers consist of paper cone- titanium dome- amt and berellium drivers. As far as the manufacturers and stereo salesman they will never stop making or selling audio equipment. 


Don't you have enough conspiracy theories in your life, that you need to invent more.

What kind of business plan includes building a product that the customer will learn to hate?