Are audiophile speakers turn on for single women?

I recently purchased a pair of speakers that I showed to a non-audiophile female friend of mine. She said they looked beautiful and asked how much they cost. When I told her, her jaw dropped. She then asked if I was using them to pick up hot chicks. Hmm...I told her the only people who get turned on by my audiophile speakers are balding middle-aged men. She had a laugh, but I wondered if anyone tried to impress a girl with his stereo system. High end is a male dominated hobby like sports cars. So have you found a woman who was turned on by your system. I have had no such look. I just get blank stares when I talk about my hobby to women.
no. just the opposite especially if you ever talk about hifi.most women like to discuss things that are important to them and not things technical. notice i wrote "most", please! music is fine tho....
If an audiophile has to impress a girl with his audio equipment that means he himself has noting to impress a girl with.
Quadophile, if your comment is meant for me, read my posts on this more carefully. This was a light hearted post. If you actually took my OP seriously, it is you who may have a problem. If your post was in jest, it's all good.