are audiophiles different than non audiophiles ?

i have been curious as to what determines one's interest in equipment, sound and music.

is it some personality factor, just a matter of choice of hobby or is their something else?

any ideas?

i think the answer to this question explains why some have no interest in listening to a high quality stereo system, when invited for a social occasion, as was the subject of "disappointing evening".
i have been curious as to what determines one's interest in equipment, sound and music.

Many times, what determines an interest in any endeavor centers around an individual's exposure at an early and impressionable age. I remember many years ago hearing a Sansui multi speaker system. That experience changed me forever. That day, I heard what was possible in home music reproduction. Sometime later, I walked into a store and saw top shelf McIntosh and Sansui gear. The look of the equipment and the sound was so much like real music. So impressive... I'd say that if more people at an early age were exposed to high quality sound, music, and equipment, they would develop an interest in the "equipment, sound and music." It just doesn't happen in early childhood development for the majority of people (and is impractical for many). We'd have many more audiophiles if it did.
There are different types of audiophiles. Some are Music people and some are Gadget people. And some are both but lean more one directrion or the other. I thought I was an audiophile, until I joined this site. Now I know I'm just a guy that loves music and wants to hear it without audible noise or distortion.
I think that personality traits may explain some of the differences between audiophiles and non audiophiles.

the problem is what are they and how to measure them.

since listening to music alone is a solitary pursuit, most of the time, being introvertive may be a factor. also having musical talent may predispose one to becoming an audiophile.

i wonder if there are demographic issues that relevant as well--just speculating.

wouldn't it be interesting if one's political leanings were correlated to one's interest in attaining sound quality.

it remains for clever people to suggest factors which may distinguish one type from another and then do statistical studies to see if some theory has justification.

age is definitely a factor.

there have been generational shifts as to exposure and interest in different media.

people over 60 were exposed to phonographs, radios and perhaps listened to certain types of music more frequently than people under 30.
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