are audiophiles different than non audiophiles ?

i have been curious as to what determines one's interest in equipment, sound and music.

is it some personality factor, just a matter of choice of hobby or is their something else?

any ideas?

i think the answer to this question explains why some have no interest in listening to a high quality stereo system, when invited for a social occasion, as was the subject of "disappointing evening".
Orpheus10, I am not sure wether you disagree, or not, with anything I have stated, but I agree with you.

Mrtennis (and Orpheus10), my point is that a "keen interest in" music, is not necessarily a criterion for defining an audiophile. I know many audiophiles that care much more about the equipment than the music. And their interest in music is almost peripheral.
The music is much more important than the equipment for me. It is because of the music that I have the equipment.
04-10-11: Elizabeth
Audiophiles: detail oriented, nervous disposition, high strung (though may have the appearance of laid back barbeque, inside they are a taunt bow) finicky, demanding, precise in some ways, utter slob in others, strong focus in areas of interest, ignore other areas.
Have you been talking to my psychiatrist?