I have been an audiophile the last 20 years for the last 5 years I have worked with Infigo Audio as my industry affiliation.  It’s been my experience in business and audio conversations that there are 2 areas that are interesting. When giving opinions many audiophiles try to come off smarter than the people they are talking to. Also in conflict resolution if you have disagreements they are more willing to go to extremes. Has anyone else experienced this.  Some seem like they can tell you what to do? How to post etc. which to me is crazy. Most of us are 30, 40, 50, 60,70 plus.  Thoughts everyone?


Audio is extremely subjective....much more so than most areas of interest that people gravitate to. That naturally makes it tougher to agree on anything. Everyone is right in their own mind, and wrong in the eyes of most others....just ask an audiophile! Audio sure seems a bit less social on the internet...I’ve had many face to face discussions in person that always seem to go well. I do however think that audio tends to attract more obsessive types that are a bit more recluse than say bicycling or golf.  I suppose the fact that it's more passive than some activities is a factor too.

I used to spend a lot of time on woodworking sites. They all have their preferences, but it’s no where near as contested and controversial as audio forums seem to be. There was always a lot of enthusiasm and encouragement for new tool purchases, and new projects. It’s pretty easy to convince someone that a 3hp 500 pound saw that runs on 220v has advantages over a 35 lb portable that plugs into any wall socket, though both have their’s far more objective and tangible. A similar discussion in audio ends up with hurt feelings because the performance is so subjective regardless of the tangibles like price and specs.

Do you catch how stupid is your self serving claim ?

Same to you and your tweaks, fella.

The only "real" insensitivity I see around here is when faith is challenged.

Enjoy some music.

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