I have been an audiophile the last 20 years for the last 5 years I have worked with Infigo Audio as my industry affiliation.  It’s been my experience in business and audio conversations that there are 2 areas that are interesting. When giving opinions many audiophiles try to come off smarter than the people they are talking to. Also in conflict resolution if you have disagreements they are more willing to go to extremes. Has anyone else experienced this.  Some seem like they can tell you what to do? How to post etc. which to me is crazy. Most of us are 30, 40, 50, 60,70 plus.  Thoughts everyone?


Do you catch how stupid is your self serving claim ?

Same to you and your tweaks, fella.

The only "real" insensitivity I see around here is when faith is challenged.

Enjoy some music.

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I think you’ll encounter this is any field of endeavor. it’s a very human weakness.

More often than not, what I've found is that "true experts" have little to prove and therefore tend not to behave in this way. Of course, there are always exceptions.