I have been an audiophile the last 20 years for the last 5 years I have worked with Infigo Audio as my industry affiliation.  It’s been my experience in business and audio conversations that there are 2 areas that are interesting. When giving opinions many audiophiles try to come off smarter than the people they are talking to. Also in conflict resolution if you have disagreements they are more willing to go to extremes. Has anyone else experienced this.  Some seem like they can tell you what to do? How to post etc. which to me is crazy. Most of us are 30, 40, 50, 60,70 plus.  Thoughts everyone?


Calvinj our audio hobby is good especially if you have audiobuddy who can join you in this journey? Many times what complicate this hobby , is because we have different level of experience like, listening skills, sound preference, different systems, rooms , budget. I just found this out lately. So now Iam more at peace why there is such disagreements.

OP  when I invite audiophile to listen to my system, No one disagree with me ? Why Because I kept my moth shut and just enjoy the music and their presence.

Some in the hobby I perceive are professionals and work in offices/vocations where they are not exposed to working men. It makes a big difference, in my opinion. 

If someone is used to environments where they can say anything they want and pitch fits like children without getting slapped or beaten, it can give you a false sense of safety/security. I’ve always worked in the construction trades and have a firm grasp on my mouth. Being in the military and playing sports helped too.

Ironically, most tough talk is a cheap substitute for masculinity, as I’ve never feared being talked to death… but have tried to avoid as many beatings as possible. A beating hurts and is embarrassing, doesn’t take many!


@jayctoy my audio buddy passed 5 years ago.  It’s been rough.  Went on this journey together.  He had been in more years than I had. That’s why I try to to argue or be nasty.  Life is too short.