Are audiophiles still out of their minds?

I've been in this hobby for 30 years and owned many gears throughout the years, but never that many cables.  I know cables can make a difference in sound quality of your system, but never dramatic like changing speakers, amplifiers, or even more importantly room treatment. Yes, I've evaluated many vaunted cables at dealers and at home over the years, but never heard dramatic effect that I would plunk $5000 for a cable. The most I've ever spent was $2700 for pair of speaker cables, and I kinda regret it to this day.  So when I see cable manufacturers charging 5 figures for their latest and "greatest" speaker cables, PC, and ICs, I have to ask myself who buys this stuff. Why would you buy a $10k+ cable, when there are so many great speakers, amplifiers, DACs for that kind of money, or room treatment that would have greater effect on your systems sound?  May be I'm getting ornery with age, like the water boy says in Adam Sandler's movie.
Here are links to blinded tests. No test is perfect, but it’s better than just believing there’s a difference without evidence or even worse believing in the manufacturer claims. I never claimed there is no difference in cable sound. I just think the pricing has gone to the ridiculously extreme. The first link is the most comprehensive I’ve found. Eat your heart out Geoffkait.

Que "Beating Dead Horse" music.

It might sound different on all of our systems but take solace in knowing it's all in our heads.
Well this may be the dumbest thing I have done in a while but its a lazy Sunday and I am bored so what the heck, I will have a bit more of Drac's luscious troll bait.
dracule1 OP905 posts06-11-2016 3:56pmFirst, you claimed $100k for cabling is considered cheap to some. Now you revised that to $20k. That’s factor of 5 differential. Either way it’s ridiculous, but be consistent in your argument. 

Whether $100K or $20K cables really isn't the issue.  My point is people have different views about value based on their personal economic conditions and life philosophy. I have no issue with someone believing or not believing in the benefits of cables or any other product for that matter. That is their prerogative and I respect it completely.

What I do not respect is someone using words like "fool, gullible, crazy, dumb, brain-washed, audio-fool, sucker and retarded" to describe other people strictly because their view of the value of a dollar is different than theirs.

You claim time is more valuable than the cost differential. To a few that may be true, but I guarantee you that for 99.999999999% of the population, spending $100k for wires for an audio system is incomprehensible. 

Actually last count there where around about 70,000 people in the USA worth more than $30 million and 14,000 who are worth more than $100 million; by your math every last one of these people would consider such a purchase "incomprehensible."  Maybe this lack of capacity for seeing the big picture generally and inability to do simple math specifically that explains a lot about your posts.

You can use whatever permutation you like to justify your purchase, but you’re coming off like a person born with a silver spoon in his mouth. I guess it’s easy to convince yourself of your delusion when you can afford Soluution electronics with your Raidho D3.
The fact that you don’t want to reveal what cabling you have in you’re system says a lot. It may have everything to do with why you were compelled to comment. You were offended that I called people who spend tens of thousands on cables suckers. Do you fall into this category? 

I am not interested in justifying my purchases to anyone but myself. I assure I am completely satisfied with my system and would happily purchase each piece again.

I am happy to "reveal" my cables. I did not do so because I don't typically wave my system's details in front of people to prove something. On the other hand, I certainly would not hide my system because of the kinda nonsense you spew.

My analog wires are Nordost and my power wires are Furutech. Could I get the same thing or something better for a different price both more or less---of course I could; not to think so would be silly. However, I would never criticize another person for spending more or less. 

Oh, and let me give you some background on my silver spoon. I grew up in a lower-class-income family of 8; I have never received a dime of inheritance; and I have personally earned every penny I spend. Maybe that's why I respect the rights of others to spend their money as they see fit.

Like I said, everyone who got into high end at one point was a sucker, including myself. No shame in that. And I get the distinct feeling I’ve been in this hobby almost as long as you’ve been alive. 
Ummm, I am old as dirt so I hate to think about  your annual Geritol bill. Good thing you don't need cables.

So in the end, we have a difference in opinion. You think it’s justifiable to spend $100k on wire. I don’t. If you think I’m ignorant because of that, then there are a lot more who belive you're ignorant for justifying spending a down payment on a house for audio wire.

Here is where you need  take some of the Ritalin you mock others about and pay closer attention.

I definitely think you are ignorant but NOT because you do not think it is justifiable to spend $100k on cable. That would be me behaving like you.

I think you are ignorant because you belittle people who think it is justifiable to spend $100K on cable. You haven't the slightest clue about their condition and yet you are incessantly demeaning. Thats messed up dude.

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