Are audiophiles still out of their minds?

I've been in this hobby for 30 years and owned many gears throughout the years, but never that many cables.  I know cables can make a difference in sound quality of your system, but never dramatic like changing speakers, amplifiers, or even more importantly room treatment. Yes, I've evaluated many vaunted cables at dealers and at home over the years, but never heard dramatic effect that I would plunk $5000 for a cable. The most I've ever spent was $2700 for pair of speaker cables, and I kinda regret it to this day.  So when I see cable manufacturers charging 5 figures for their latest and "greatest" speaker cables, PC, and ICs, I have to ask myself who buys this stuff. Why would you buy a $10k+ cable, when there are so many great speakers, amplifiers, DACs for that kind of money, or room treatment that would have greater effect on your systems sound?  May be I'm getting ornery with age, like the water boy says in Adam Sandler's movie.
dracule 1, OK, I'll try to be reasonable but hard to do so when your response to my polite posting is to immediately lambast my choice of digital equipment. Perhaps you've never heard DCS gear with the best cabling 😏

And yes I have evolved in the current system. Some examples

Digital: Veloce Black Cat -> Nordost Valhalla -> Audioquest Eagle Eye -> AudioQuest Wild -> Transparent Reference XL (note that these are not all increases in price, it went up and down)

Analog Interconnect: Nordost Tyr -> Nordost Valhalla -> WEL Signature (big jump at the end I know but I got a great deal on a 10M length of the latter which I needed and the impact was amazing)

Speaker: Nordost SPM (yes I've been around this game for a while!) -> Nordost Valhalla -> Synergistic Galileo LE (as you can see I can keep cables for 10-20 years)

Power: Nordost Brahma -> Valhalla -> AQ WEL Signature -> Synergistic Galileo LE

jafant -- re auditioning and your point dracule about most $$ is not best, most recent big change was speaker cable. Three local dealers allowed me home demo on Nordost Odin V1 ($35K), AQ WEL Signature (a bi-wire pair no less at $75K!) and SR Galileo LE at $15K. WEL was flat and boring, Odin was very clean but slightly lean and Galileo was just right. Subsequently I've improved the performance of the Galileo by adding a SR Transporter, nice that you can make a cable sound even better

So dracule we folks with money are not stupid as you constantly imply, we care about sound and want value for money but unlike some commenters on this thread we are open minded and happy for all the help the helpful people on these boards and the dealers we work with give us. Side note the dealer who loaned me the Odin actually lost $900 out of pocket as he accidentally put through my AmEx charge and then had to reverse it, for those who think dealers don't have to work for their money it's a salutary tale
dracule1 - too each his own, you spend your money on what you find works for you and let others spend theirs as suits their needs. 

folkfreak - really nice system! 
mapman13,395 posts06-13-2016 9:31pmJoecasey it's pretty simple really.   It's called having a rational discussion.   Personal attacks are the thing not called for.

Ya Joe Casey no personal attacks. Feel free to call people "fools, gullible, crazy, dumb, brain-washed, audio-fools, suckers and retarded" like the OP does but NO personal attacks or you are gunna get a woopin.

If I had $50k speakers and $35k amps I would still compare $2k speaker cables to $10k cables, so I think this point is valid. But I would not try $300 cable. Let's not exaggerate both sides of the argument. Really good Hi-Fi is expensive and has the right to be but it doesn't have to be ridiculously expensive. I never touch both Nordost and Audioquest, by the way, price no object.
Watts, you're so weird. You're perseverating on the same issue over and over again. Are you sure you're not suffering from OCD? I'm worried about you.