Are Avalon still in Bussines

Hi my name is Dan,

I have the Avalon Opus Ceramiqe.

I need new woofers.

no one answering mail or phone for some time now

Any helpful ideas?



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 They are still around but I had the same bad experience. They are only open 4 days a week. I called numerous times and left messages, they never called me back. I can't remember what I wanted but it was some little thing. It made me worry though if I really need service would they be there. It is really ashame because they make such wonderful speakers.

They are getting ready for the European premiere of the SAGA speaker in about 10 days.  I would bet they're kinda busy and might not even be here in the states.


That's kind of a poor excuse on their part.  For the uber expensive speakers they sell,  they could at least have someone answering the phone.  Some of these high end company's are really clueless on making good business.