Are AYON Amps popular in the high end community?

Of course I see tons of ads here on AG, however, I do not see many reviews from actual owners on the various forums, etc.. I do remember a couple of reviews by the major audio mags. Just curious. 


@aberyclark Excellent amps.  Well made.  Full of features. Sound great.  Lots of power and no real weaknesses.  good sounstage.  They have US support in PHoenix at USA Tube Audio.

I've gone down the SET rabbit hole and selling all my push pull amps so mine will be for sale soon, watch the classifieds.  One things nice that most amps don't have is a tube fault indicator.  If you have a tube issue, they have a light system that will tell you which one.

Lots of chrome which seems very flashy but looks good in person.


I have had an Ayon Spirit 2 integrated amp for several years, it's presently in my 2nd system. The amp has been 100% trouble free, it's well  built and sounds very good . I purchased mine from USA Tube Audio which still carries them. Ayon is not a run of the mill brand


Ayon manufactures very good audiophile quality gear.

That said, their service is abysmal.  Only one distributor/dealer is available in the USA, and unfortunately, the owner is a jerk (really, a super jerk) - so much so, that I could not even get other dealers to obtain an item from Ayon to sell to me.  The dealers did not want to interact with this guy.  How quickly a bad reputation spreads!

I sent an email notice to AYON International - three times, all with no response.  Even great gear needs to be supported properly to be considered great gear, and this owner of Ayon USA simply does not care about anyone or anything except, presumably, his own bottom line.

I purchased a new Ayon Spirit III a handful of years ago, it arrived with a remote that only worked intermittently. I opened a case with support, didn’t get an acceptable answer and returned it as a result.

As compared with other tube amps I’ve owned, I preferred products by Rogers High Fidelity (US Made and local to me) and Air Tight (Japanese made and the finest amp I've owned).

If I recall correctly, the Spirit was designed in Europe and manufactured in China.