Are B&W 802D's a good match with Mcintosh MA6900?

As I have posted in other threads I have the MA6900 Integrated (200W) and love it. I have even preferred it over the C46/MC402 combo when used with my Signature 805 speakers. Well, I plan on upgrading the speakers to the new 802D. Will my 200 watt MA6900 be eneough power, or will I need to upgrade the amp/preamp to the C46/MC402?

I have heard the 802D's driven by a $500 Denon (110 watt) receiver...they sound fantastic. I am pretty sure your Mac will drive them beautifully. But, why not take your Mac down to the B&W dealer and ask him to hook you up. Don't forget to take some CD's to listen to.
After you get the N802D's, one thing that you might want to try, is adding a "Purist Audio Venustas AC Power with Ferox" cord to the Mac. When we put one on the Denon it sounded like it doubled the power output. It had deeper tighter bass, smoother mids, and the highs were thrilling.
Hope this helps.
I already tested a few years ago and i thinks it´s a perfect relation for the price, please joint