Are Buchardt A500 Signature Edition A Good Choice For First Speakers?

For the past few years I've been limited to a headphones only setup due to having three kids, five and under, at home. Now they're all off to school and I'm looking to purchase my first set of desktop speakers, or similar size, for my desk area. I'm still confined to the loft, so nothing too big, but the Buchardt A500 Signature Edition look to fit the bill. Are these good speakers for $5,000? I like that they are active and I don't have to figure out an additional amp and crossovers to power them. How is the sound quality compared to other speakers in their price range? Is there anything cheaper but better? I was hoping that Borresen will have a new X model desktop version, like the new X3, but only smaller, but that may be out of my price range if it ever becomes available. Thanks for the advice. 


I do not know how the Buchardt sounds, though they seem to be pretty well-regarded.

$5000 is no chump change and can get you a really good sounding setup. I am in the same boat as you having young children and are confined to desktop hifi setup. But I managed to build a really nice Cabasse Riga desktop setup that is perfect for near field listening and is easily as good sounding as Borresen. But that is out of your price range. What you could consider is a pair of Pearl Akoya. It would cost you $4000 a pair. Or a smaller Pearl Keshi set if your desk is not big. 

Another good option you can consider is getting a decent 'just add speaker' integrated amplifier and then get a pair of passive bookshelves. Some examples in the range of $1500-2500 are Cabasse Abyss, Nad C3050LE, JBL SA550. Then $2000-3000 for the speakers. 

Some suggestions. Triangle Comete 40th Anniversary, Dali Menuet SE, Kef LS50 Meta, Jern 12WS, Sonus Faber Sonetto II.

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You can buy better sound for less. E.g. the passive Buchardts with an amp. If you want an active speaker and your budget is 5K, Dynaudio Focus is better value, more sold, tested and reviewed.