Are cable recommendations worth anything?

I am a Denafrips dac owner. I use the Denafrips Facebook site for the same reasons I use this site.

Discourse, basic information and hopefully some enlightenment.
Recently one of the contributors asked the default question of "Can you recommend RCA cable brands that match well with Denafrips from dac to amplifier?"

Am I the only person that is confused when someone asks an open-ended question like this about cables?The sheer variety of "highly recommended" cables, lends me to believe that the cables are much less important to the sound than the component itself. Recommendations ran the gamut from the Tellurium Q Black Diamond cables at $1,100 CDN per metre, to the Blue Jeans cables at about $50 CDN per metre.

How does that make sense and how can this possibly help the poor slob that asked the question?
Some seem to have a great deal of trouble, accepting their own limitation*.               Then, it appears; "Misery loves company" becomes an agenda            (*a variable)
As you have also noticed, it does NOT make any sense and you will not hear any difference. A $50 cable is good enuf as long as properly shielded. Any similar priced phono cable will do just as well.

millercarbon is from another planet who can hear even negative frequencies. He can hear the collision of the air molecules depending on the temperature gradient. So, nobody should equate their hearing to his and feel inferior :-)

For most other humans, my first paragraph applies.
In my opinion:

In a true double blind test, nobody on this site - or any other - could identify cables based on the way a system “sounds”.

Save your $$$

There's an old saying, those who can do, those who can't whine about double-blind blah blah blah.
Seems that the moderator has taken sides here and spuriously deleted multiple posts that contained no abuse, no profanity, and no personal attacks, unlike some of the responses.  They are facilitating the epistemic closure evident among some on this site. Shame on him/her, whoever they are.
I think the mods here do a great job.  Your posts weren't "spuriously deleted." The moderators deleted your posts because you were trying to hatch a scam, a financial hustle, the audiophile equivalent of Three-card Monte. I know you may have thought it was a clever approach, but it really wasn't and has been tried here many times before.  You'll have to find your marks somewhere else.

Beware the audio guru.