Are cable “upgrades” just as likely to make your system sound worse?

Many of us with highly resolving systems have found that speakers cables and interconnect cables can improve the sound quality of our systems. But are they also just as likely to do the opposite?

A few months ago, I “upgraded” to a renowned speaker cable, and immediately noticed more detail and resolution. I was so pleased I also “upgraded” the interconnects. But with more time I realized that the trade-off for more detail was a thinner sound with diminished tonal richness. Thus began a maddening series of attempts to fix the problem – different speaker cables, different DAC, different streamer, and now even a 30 trial of a new amplifier to try to overcome the thinness and find a more natural tone. It finally occurred to me to replace the out-of-sight-out-of-mind interconnects (with my original interconnects), and immediately the problem was blessedly solved.

Have others experienced this frustration? What recommendations do you have to avoid such fiascos?


Are cable “upgrades” just as likely to make your system sound worse?

If a Cable Upgrade is specifically categorised by increasing the Purchase Value (a method commonly adopted) for the Cable, there is a very strong likelihood that certain selections will be perceived as being a unattractive experience and unwanted.

My experiences are based on my being in attendance at Bake Off's with both Interconnect and Speaker Cables being used as Demo' Cables on a few different systems.

This experience has shown that certain Cables and more commonly certain Cables with a particular type of Silver Wire as the Signal Path, can have the Purchase Value that is most expensive, or close to most expensive. The experiencing of such Cables has been terminated quite quickly, where the idea of furthering usage has been immediately repelled as an idea, as a unanimous want from a Group in attendance to receive the demo's.

I'm not a Silverphobe, in the same experiences Silver Wire Cables proved to be the Cable of choice by the owners of the system, which is a choice I totally agree with. As time has evolved some other system owners have adopted for a interface the same Brand Cables with the same Silver Wire. 

I am a advocate of PC Triple C Wire as a Signal Wire and a Power Supply.

I am well aware for my own system, I can purchase/loan Cable with a much more expensive purchase value that those that I have incurred. When comparing the other Cable to the PC Triple C design, I am without doubt, it will be quickly detected that the PC Triple C stands out in front as the better option. 

I can also reassure others that my introducing some others who are Silverphobes to PC Triple C, the outcome has been encouraging enough to have them rethink their Cables and abandon/sell on Cables that have been much expensive to Purchase than that which a PC Triple C will cost.      



Now granted, this might be a bit extreme but I do agree with the premise that there is no difference to the human ear. Someone mentioned 100 hours to break in speaker wire...BREAK IN WIRE? The simple reason is that your ears were broken in after the 100 hours. You forgot how they sounded 100 hours ago and now accept them for what they are.

Come on now. Are you having a laugh?

coppy777 - How did you know I was using Nordost cables? You've described what I've heard very well. They are too bright, and I've learned that detail isn't everything -- especially not musical.