Are CD players goig the way of the 8 track,and the cassette?

Streaming seems to be gradually pushing the CD player into extinction.My CD's are in the closet,and may never return!
8 tracks were a convenience, nothing more; never were a hifi choice.  They worked barely well enough in mobile settings, but never sounded as good as a high quality cassette or reel to reel (best of all).  The problems with tape is that they are not forever, and needed a highly mechanical unit in top shape to keep sounding good.  The CD was to be the end game; I remember being at some show where the presenter played a CD, took it out of the machine, threw it across the room, picked it back up, and put it back into the CD player, while saying "these discs are indestructible and will last forever" or something to that effect.  There will be those who, for whatever reasons, will never go to only streaming - those who resent paying every month for a service that yanks away all of your music if you don't keep paying, those who think physical media has a quality that's not present in streamed data, those who already have all of the music they listen to on some media and are not interested in anything new (or spending money for the same songs on yet another format).  In any event, most likely there will some other way in the future to get your music that might make all of the previous ways you listen to music obsolete.
Not a chance, as there will always be old school Luddites who resist what is perceived as progress. The larger the CD collection, the better the excuse to resist.

If the average audiophile is in their 50's or 60's, they've already been thru five format changes: 1) vinyl  2) reel to reel  3) 8 track  4) cassette  5) compact disc. Kind of hard to fathom wanting to going thru yet another format change.
I use mine daily, so NO...and I own 3 cd players and or transports, so i seriously doubt I’ll kill them all within my lifetime. So I will keep on spinin’ the silver disc....
For the umpteenth time, CDs are going nowhere, unless you settle for iffy sound quality. With CD, I always get great sound quality. When I’ve had the chance to listen to streaming or NAS stored music, it’s been hit and miss enough for me to just see it as an expensive way to listen to radio, which is free. 😄

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I am wondering how long CD's will be around as well. Our current 3 cars had no CD players from the factory. I asked the dealer to add a CD changer to our 2018 Cadillac. Btw, I do still have and regularly play 8 tracks on the Sony compact system I had in college. Surprisingly, cartridges are easy to find just like vintage vinyl.