Are Fall Sales Leveling Out in the Used Market?

I'm noticing more and more interesting and quality pieces available for sale on Agon and AMart these days. Browsing the ads this morning I see close to a dozen amps I would buy. Six months ago I saw high prices and close to zero interesting inventory. The ads today seem priced the same but they are starting to linger. Is the audio market slowly shifting from a sellers market to a buyers market?  
Given supply chain disruptions continuing, I'd not predict the shift you describe. If anything, I'd expect the used market to shift toward sellers.
The housing market appears to be cresting its top and that may be trickling into audio.  
Audio sales is very seasonal, with summer being the slowest.  The market is simply starting to wake up from summer.  
The 2% got theirs from 45 and continue to prosper until new tax laws are passed. Notice the recent crop of hyper-expensive cars on the street? What about the new McMansions cropping up in older areas of town? The winners are finally working their way down to their music systems, where the high end options abound and their end goals may be affected by pricing that I consider outrageous but they consider showy. So it’s time to unload the old Levinson gear for some new Soulution? We commoners get the good deal on the Levinson or ARC or speaker we always admired because it’s OUR TURN! Yes, the used market is becoming more reasonable now. Let’s see what happens after the chip shortage wanes. We’re going through a transitional time in the world of economics and anything can happen at this stage in the history of capitalism. Fasten seat belts!