Are Harbeth the only warm and euphonic speakers in town ?

I've looked far and wide especially for bookshelf speakers with prominent full mids and a lush sound. So far the only name that comes up is harbeth. Maybe Sonus faber but are there other speakers that have similar tone but are made by a different company?


The bookshelf mentioned by The Audiophiliac today may be what the Dr. ordered?


From what I’ve read, you might give a listen to the new KLH Five or their new 2 way version. Probably pretty warm sounding & also have better bass than any of the other speakers mentioned in this discussion if that’s a feature important to you. 

steveashe...You obviously are a Harbeth fan as am I. I'm wondering if you considered the Super HL5Plus and if you did, what made you prefer the M30.2? I recently moved to a very small apartment in D.C. and the Harbeths are completely wasted. The configuration of the apartment simply does not allow for them to give their best. I am using an old pair of Snell JIVs I had stored. As much as I hate to do it, I too will be selling my Harbeths.