Are High End Audio Products Unreliable?

I don't know if it's just my bad luck but since I've gotten back into high end audio in the past year I have purchased several components that have developed problems that I have never experienced while owning mass produced Japanese components of the 70's and 80's.
First was my Well Tempered turntable. Granted , it was old, but the design is so simple that it should be pretty bomb proof. That one got a lot better once I got everything dialed in, but what a pain in the butt just to get it there.
Second was my Lehmann Black Cube phono preamp, which developed a bad channel. Then it was the Parasound JC-3 phono preamp that was bad out of the box, but was replaced with a new one (no issues since). Next, my Cambridge Azur 840C CD player developed issues loading CDs (no other issues but this is annoying). Then I bought a Furutech GT-40 DAC that had noise when playing computer files through the USB (replaced with a new unit which works great). Next, I bought a CARY SLI-80 amp that was physically damaged out of the box but worked fine at first, but after a couple of weeks developed an issue with the remote relay and required me to send it back for repair. I got a new unit from Upscale that is working great.
I'm not a total hamfist who is hard on equipment, I swear. I'm super careful with my stuff, I run everything through power conditioners, and know how to set up equipment. I must be unlucky. Or have others had similar experiences as mine?
I've had enough problems over the last 30 years to make me think that the there is some basis to the title of this thread. I won't get into naming names, and I have had some great service experiences too. However, overall, I'd rather not need the service in the first place.
Come to think of it a couple of CD players did die on me. I was told this was a common problem with the reading mechanisms. They were on the cheap side of "high end" but cost a fortune compared to "regular" cd players.
This is not my experience at all.

Cannot recall a component failing in a number of years, at any price point.

I've probably been a bit lucky, but the results are far different from the OPs experience.
I have the same issue with the Furutech GT-40 DAC. I sent mine back and received another with the same problems. I've hooked it up to 2 different pc/mac and still getting the noise via usb.

I've tried different rca and usb cables...

Anyone familiar with Furutech's warranty service?
Rok2id "Today the high end business is aimed at a very few folks, most with more money than brains, so, It could be that the Boy geniuses working in their garage or the boutique makers in the mountains, are a lot better at desiging the outside than they are at designing the inside. More into magic / hype, than audio engineering. The make beautiful stuff, just not very reliable.
Lo-Fi Rules!"

Really? Nice way to insult people. Not everyone is just out to make beautiful stuff that doesn't work.

Also just because someone is willing to spend more money on something than you would makes them stupid? I think it is you being closed minded to come to an audio forum and post as if you know all, and insult people who you don't agree with.

This hobby is about learning and finding what you like. You found it, good for you. Don't insult those you don't agree with just because they want to spend money on something they like.