Are Klipsch or Usher and Upgrade for Me?

I've been rolling with a 15 year-old HT speaker system consisting of Infinity speakers: CC-3 center, Overture 2 L/R, and RS-3 bookshelves for surrounds. At the moment I'm using an ACI Titan II sub in the HT setup, but it may move to the two-channel system.

I've been considering upgrading. I happen to live near a Crutchfield store (for now) and heard both the Klipsch Reference II series and the new Reference Premier series as well as a PSB setup.

I've also heard great things over the years about Usher Audio's speakers, but it looks like their floorstanders are more than what I'm willing to pay for my HT right now, and the bookshelves might not be up to performing L/R duty in a HT. The Be-616 DMD looks intriguing, though.

I am a tad concerned that the Klipsch will not be a huge upgrade over my Infinity system. The Klipsch setup I'm looking at would be the RC-64 II, RF-7, and whatever the matching bookshelves are.

Any thoughts on whether the Klipsch will be a substantial upgrade over what I have now, and how it would compare to an Usher setup at the same price point? What alternatives should I consider for crystal clear dialog, good off-axis response, neutral and accurate tonality, and capable of easily handling the dynamic range necessary for HT duty?

It has been quite a while since I last posted; I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the hobby!

Avgoround, here's your new best friend. You guys already have 1 thing in common. You both have an extreme dislike for me. Although, and I can't believe I'm even saying this, but you have better taste in audio equipment.
If you can grab some older Klipsch for a good deal, can make some great HT speakers on the cheap. You will likely need to update the crossovers, but that is easy and cheap to do yourself, ordering through Crites. If you can twist a screwdriver, and hold a soldier gun, you can do it for less then $30 a speaker for the caps.

KLF 30's/KLF-20's/CF-3/RF-7's all great HT speakers. Hard to beat them for what they can be bought for these days.