Are Linn black interconnects any good?

I am looking for interconnects to wire my Acurus CD player to my RL-11 pre, and then to my A-200 amp. I can get two pairs of Linn black (demo) interconnects for about $60 US each. Are these a good cable for the price? Thanks.
Thanks, I had read that review but found it a bit unclear. Any other input would be appreciated.
Linn black interconnects are included in the box when you buy a cd player, etc. I got rid of the ones that came with my Genki pretty quickly because I found them to be bright and harsh sounding and lacking in good bass reproduction. The Linn silver cables on the other hand sound pretty good but are more expensive. For cables in that price range I would highly recommend the Kimber PBJ.
For the past year or so I have used the Linn black interconnect between my CDP and integrated amp (both non-linn). I never really did much in the way of comparison. Recently, I substituted an Analysis Plus Oval One interconnect (~US$90). Immediately I heard a cleaner, less tizzy treble and a deeper bass. I then tried a Homegrown Super Silver interconnect (again, ~US$90), and heard even more improvement.

The point, at $60, I haven't tried anything else so can't compare, but for a bit more, you can get a cable that allows your system to sound cleaner and more balanced. But, I can say that for the year or so that I did use the cable, and didn't compare it with anything else, I was perfectly happy with the sound of my system.
Bright and harsh? That is how I also found Kimber PBJ. Oh Well!! I have a 1.2 meter pair of Linn's; they're fine for $60; no better or worse than most. I actually liked they were 1.2 meter; I was originally using them for my turntable and 1 meter a hair short. My favorite $60 cable ($65) is MAS Silver Grey available only from the designer Stu Wein at These at one time were recommended in Stereophile back when they sold for $400.