Are Linn black interconnects any good?

I am looking for interconnects to wire my Acurus CD player to my RL-11 pre, and then to my A-200 amp. I can get two pairs of Linn black (demo) interconnects for about $60 US each. Are these a good cable for the price? Thanks.
For the past year or so I have used the Linn black interconnect between my CDP and integrated amp (both non-linn). I never really did much in the way of comparison. Recently, I substituted an Analysis Plus Oval One interconnect (~US$90). Immediately I heard a cleaner, less tizzy treble and a deeper bass. I then tried a Homegrown Super Silver interconnect (again, ~US$90), and heard even more improvement.

The point, at $60, I haven't tried anything else so can't compare, but for a bit more, you can get a cable that allows your system to sound cleaner and more balanced. But, I can say that for the year or so that I did use the cable, and didn't compare it with anything else, I was perfectly happy with the sound of my system.
Bright and harsh? That is how I also found Kimber PBJ. Oh Well!! I have a 1.2 meter pair of Linn's; they're fine for $60; no better or worse than most. I actually liked they were 1.2 meter; I was originally using them for my turntable and 1 meter a hair short. My favorite $60 cable ($65) is MAS Silver Grey available only from the designer Stu Wein at These at one time were recommended in Stereophile back when they sold for $400.