Are luxman integrated amps truly balanced?


I have the Luxman L-507z integrated amp. Sounds excellent. There are 2 line inputs on the back that are listed as balanced inputs (XLR). My DAC has balanced outputs (holoaudio spring 3 kte). Am I wasting my time and money getting good xlr cables? Also the DAC puts out 5.8volts. The XLR inputs (according to Luxman) can handle up to 6volts. Using RCA outputs/inputs the DAC puts out 2.9volts and the amp can handle up to 9 volts. Am I in danger of harming my amp using XLR ? The DAC has no volume control. The cable run is very short...3 feet.


No Luxman uses a transformer it is colored and not accurate. On single ended it is also too warm and has a wimpy power supply.

it is Japanese McIntosh.

Shrug, I havent found it warm at all. Pretty dang neutral and clean. So maybe it's what it's being fed that matters. I'm using a holoaudio DAC. 

It’s too simplistic to say unbalanced or balanced interconnects sound better.  It’s all about the design of the gear and synergy.  I’ve had gear where I hear no difference or unbalanced sounds better but I have had gear that throughout the chain, it’s all been designed to sound it’s best balanced and all the pieces are truly balanced.  I have seen a noticeable sound quality bump on balanced gear that’s designed to be used balanced and truly balanced.  

Most of the time it’s easy to tell if gear is truly balanced as the manufacture goes out of their way to call that out, as already pointed out in this thread, a truly, fully balanced piece is more expensive to design and implement.  The manufacture wants you to know.  

Let your ears be your guide, good luck. 

I have compared balanced and RCA cables on a couple of systems and I cannot tell a difference. My Yamaha studio monitors are quite nisy using RCA cables. Balanced cables make them quite as a mouse. Maybe because the Yamahas are close to my two monitors that cause the noise

I have some nice RCA cables coming next week. Nothing crazy expensive but on par with the XLR i have. So we shall see. In the mean time has anyone tried inline attentuators to lower voltage output