Are Mac and PC equal?

Can a PC be just as good of a music server as Mac if set up properly? Can a PC with foobar2000 or Jriver work just as good as a mac setup with iTunes or whatever storage and streaming options exist? My portable external hard drive has flac and mp3 files, and I will stream spotify or tidal, pandora, Internet radio, etc.
Can I buy a PC tower or laptop (and if so what features/system requirements do I need for a great system) and get results equal to a mac? Digital files & streaming will go to an external DAC then an integrated amp and tower speakers. Thanks.
I am sorry for asking this,but what exactly is Tidal?
I see it mentioned a lot,perhaps I am behind times.I imagine
It's probably like an Internet radio service, that has customized playlists but with high bitrate playback.Correct?
"04-01-15: Yioryos
I am sorry for asking this,but what exactly is Tidal?"
Since you are planning to use external DAC, I suggest you get a Mac and try both OS X and Windows yourself to see what you like best. It is because you can run Windows on a Mac but you can't run OS X on a PC. All you need to do is to run an application call Boot Camp which came with your Mac. It will guide you through step-by-step installing Windows on your Mac. I have done it many times. It is very easy. You will need to buy a copy of Windows of course. After that, you can choose to boot into OS X or Windows and switch between them.
I have been using Mac/OS. Have both a Macbook Pro and a Mac Mini with Pure Music installed for playback. CDs are ripped as AIFF files using itunes error correction. I have found this to be an easy and reliable path to computer audio. The sonics seem compatible with my remaining equipment. Somewhat better than a my Arcam DVD137 used as a transport into a Bryston DAC-1. I do use a USB?SPDIF converter between computer and DAC.

What computer operating system do you currently use ?

I'll admit my bias up front. I'll never buy another PC again. I have owned many PCs, and am required to use one at work every day. They all need constant restarting and updating, and clearly grew old and slow quickly with expanding bloatware in the OS. While both systems will need periodic software updates, the PC will need them a lot more often. Just to keep it safe and running.
I am running a 7 year old Mac, need to restart it only a couple of times per year for major software updates, and it never crashes. Ever. There is a reason that 5 year old Macs sell for well for several hundred $s on eBay. 5 year old PCs can be acquired for nothing. For good reason.
Can you make a PC sound as good as a Mac. Sure. Why? Buy a used Mac mini on eBay if you're wanting to set up a server and have a machine that will last another 10 years.
I bought a 4 year old Mac Mini on eBay for $365 as a dedicated server. It's spec'd the way I want. The OS software updates from Apple were free and easy to install. It's completely current and will outlast anything running windows.
I wouldn't be so anti PC if they actually worked well over time and lasted. They don't.
If you want a blazing fast gaming machine that will last a year, buy a tricked out PC. If you want a computer that is safe and reliable and will work for a decade (and still be worth something), buy a Mac, new or used, without fear.