Are manufacturers having discussions removed from Audiogon if they turn negative?

I have mostly been taking part of this forum occasionally, and from a distance if you will.  I have to admit I don't really know the kind of things that can go on, disputes or disagreements that can occur.  I have occasionally done searches in this forum using the search function to only come upon a thread that has been removed, oddly enough.

I have seen some discussions, and taken part in some others that become somewhat of a debate on certain brands, and they have become critical in some instances.  Usually fans of the brand in question rush to the defence, and from what I've seen, a healthy discourse occurs, with back and forth and occasional posts removed.  I'm thinking of smaller internet direct manufacturers such as your Emotivas, Schiit Audio, Ascend Acoustics and the like.

What I'm wondering is, have such companies had negative discussions stopped or removed?  Has anyone been part of similar discussions in which moderators suddenly step in and either lock or completely remove a discussion?

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How do you know what this “customer” is telling the truth or making stuff up to make the “manufacturer” look bad because he himself is another speaker rep? I think it’s BS from the start! Instead of being a whining baby on this site, perhaps talk to the manufacturer and work it out! I hate wimps and whiners! I’ve delt with this “manufacturer” on a few occasions and know 100% they DO NOT ignore customers. All I see is lies being spread!! GROW UP an make a simple call. Some of you guys sound like little kids! It’s a wonder you made it this far in life!!! 🙄
From reading some of your previous posts in other threads, it is clear you are a Tekton fanboy. That is great that you own and enjoy them, however others are not so enamored and have had experiences other than yours. Your post above is out of line and maybe it is you that is whining, just saying.
Agreed, Greg’s post above is needlessly inflammatory and no longer objective. Ignore it and move on with the discussion. 
I had a very bad experience with a manufacturer. His business is a niche sized in the audio world. I am here to tell you, despite my repeated efforts over not months but years I just got ripped off and he was unwilling to admit the faults of his amps and preamps. I lost a lot of money and every time someone asked questions about his gear in a forum, I spoke about my experience. So NO not everybody in the manufacturing world will help a buyer when they have a problem. To my amazement, this guy did not want to honor his work and did not have a problem risking his reputation. New sales are a high priority for some brands, customer service and customer satisfaction are a low priority for some of those same brands.