Are manufacturers having discussions removed from Audiogon if they turn negative?

I have mostly been taking part of this forum occasionally, and from a distance if you will.  I have to admit I don't really know the kind of things that can go on, disputes or disagreements that can occur.  I have occasionally done searches in this forum using the search function to only come upon a thread that has been removed, oddly enough.

I have seen some discussions, and taken part in some others that become somewhat of a debate on certain brands, and they have become critical in some instances.  Usually fans of the brand in question rush to the defence, and from what I've seen, a healthy discourse occurs, with back and forth and occasional posts removed.  I'm thinking of smaller internet direct manufacturers such as your Emotivas, Schiit Audio, Ascend Acoustics and the like.

What I'm wondering is, have such companies had negative discussions stopped or removed?  Has anyone been part of similar discussions in which moderators suddenly step in and either lock or completely remove a discussion?

@gregb63- Your responses are a prime example of why posts and threads get deleted. You call people ’idiots’ and ’liars’, and how they ’sicken’ you simply because they’ve had a different experience than you when dealing with Tekton. We get it. You adore Tekton and anyone who thinks and says differently can’t possibly be telling the truth. How interesting and amusing. How did you reach this conclusion? Do you really believe this is a coordinated conspiracy among certain forum members who are secretly reps for other speaker companies to damage the reputation of your precious Tekton? That your belief is more plausible than they are simply folks who have had negative experiences when dealing with Tekton’s less than stellar reputation for customer service? Again, how interesting and amusing. You must be a blast to have a live conversation with....Oh! Almost forgot. You’ve dealt with Tekton on a ’few’ occasions and know 100% that they don’t ignore customers? Please explain how you can possibly know that. I can’t wait for your intelligent, eloquent response....Darnit! Forgot this one...You state that how do we not know that the ’customer’ isn’t making up the entire episode of his negative experience with the company simply to make it look bad, and it is all a ’a load of BS’. You then proceed to say he should just call the company to work it out. Well, which one is it??! Is he lying or does he have a legitimate problem?? You seem a bit confused by the whole thing.
I think it's valuable to expose poor workmanship or service from a company, just as it's important to praise good workmanship and service where appropriate.  Just keep it honest, civil, and don't use it as a substitute for dealing directly with the company.  I have had some disappointments, but I handled them all privately, and was more or less pleased with the outcome.  If I was ultimately satisfied but it took too much work on my part to get there, I usually just avoid any posts about the experience, good or bad.  My 2 cents.
Then stop talking crap! I joined this to talk about gear I’m interested in. Not hear all you worthless comments and unsubstantiated accusations. But apparently this site is for those who think they know everything about anything. When you get rid of the rifraf I’ll rejoin and see if there is anything worth reading.. I think a lot of people here are just bored.. thanks.. 
I too had noticed the Tekton thread, and was interested because I had thought about Tekton speakers. I just found something else, but I think the Tekton speakers would have been excellent. So when the thread was closed, I too contacted the moderators, and as mentioned, was told the OP closed the thread. I suggested that maybe in such a situation Audiogon could make the notation that the OP chose to close the discussion, and they said they would take my suggestion into consideration. And of course, I too hope both the OP and Tekton work everything out amicably, as it seems the OP has been more than patient.

I must also point out the humorous irony in gregb63’s comment:

40 posts01-14-2019 8:19amYou guys are idiots! You sit here and bash everything. Get a life!!

In order to clarify the irony for Greg, calling "you guys" (everybody here) idiots is actually "bash(ing) everything." So ...

@gregb63- No, thank YOU sir! Curious as to why you didn’t answer a single question I asked you to clarify your position on things. But, I must say, your responses do not disappoint. You are an interesting and amusing fellow! I’m a bit confused about your last post. Why do you feel we are ’talking crap’ and our comments are worthless? That unsubstantiated accusations are flying? What makes your comments more legitimate than the others? I sincerely would like to know. It casts you in a poor light when you hurl insults and accusations at others without backing up your statements. Please clarify the thinking behind your posts. Allow me to thank you again for the irony of your delightfully contradictory posts....