Are manufacturers having discussions removed from Audiogon if they turn negative?

I have mostly been taking part of this forum occasionally, and from a distance if you will.  I have to admit I don't really know the kind of things that can go on, disputes or disagreements that can occur.  I have occasionally done searches in this forum using the search function to only come upon a thread that has been removed, oddly enough.

I have seen some discussions, and taken part in some others that become somewhat of a debate on certain brands, and they have become critical in some instances.  Usually fans of the brand in question rush to the defence, and from what I've seen, a healthy discourse occurs, with back and forth and occasional posts removed.  I'm thinking of smaller internet direct manufacturers such as your Emotivas, Schiit Audio, Ascend Acoustics and the like.

What I'm wondering is, have such companies had negative discussions stopped or removed?  Has anyone been part of similar discussions in which moderators suddenly step in and either lock or completely remove a discussion?

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Elizabeth’s account (posted on 1/26) of her experience with Magnepan underscores why it is important to do business with quality companies that have a track record and are committed to customer service. It’s your money, so you decide who you do business with!
Elizabeth's account sounds like QC at Magnepan is performed by the night watchman.  Little known concept these days, it is called testing before shipping?
Some years ago when I had bought Legacy speakers, Bill Dudleston the designer/owner of Legacy halted all speaker shipping for a week. He had a head cold, his ears were stuffed up and he could not hear properly. Not one speaker was shipped at that time tell his ears were working properly again!  Story short, he listened to, and adjusted EVERY loudspeaker that went out of that factory. To me, that was pretty impressive QC.
One comment, one question.

Comment, if all a dealer/manufacturer needs to do is request that a thread that is negative to them be removed, what businessman would not do it, it makes no sense not to.

Question, Elizabeth's experience with the upside down tweeter makes me want to ask a really dumb question, which is, if you take your speakers and invert them so they are turned upside down, what, if any, is the impact on the image they portray?