Are mcintosh rca and xlr cables any good.

Are mcintosh rca and xlr cables any good. Please chime in.

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What’s not to like, gold plating is to die for! If you own McIntosh components they will be the ideal match! 

“McIntosh premium audio cables are engineered to optimize the performance of our amplifiers, preamplifiers, source components and speakers…..the construction quality of McIntosh audio cables has to be of the highest order since they are built to match the renowned longevity of McIntosh products.”

I believe it is Tributaries as well. They are kind of pricey but if you search around you can usually find them used for a reasonable price. I do not own any but they seem well made. 

McIntosh turntables are indeed Clearaudio, and the cables are Tributaries. One should remember that McIntosh Labs is a bastion of objectivist engineering types.  They make very good gear, but aren’t into magical thinking. The cables are well made, but subscribe to no unproven principles of signal propagation.